Dead Sea, Jordan. September 11 - 15, 2006.
"Peace Within, Peace With Each Other, Peace With Nature"
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Youth Leaders at World Economic Forum
Dead Sea, Jordan
May 20-22, 2005

WYPS Secretariat Staff visit the “adopted” school in rural Thailand

Pichit, Thailand
May 25, 2005

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World Youth Peace Vigil
October 28, 2004

WYPS Japan
Tokyo, Japan
August 5, 2004

WYPS Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
July 7, 2004

European Regional Summit
Sarajevo, B&H
May 7-10, 2004

Asia-Pacific Regional Summit
Bangkok, Thailand
February 24-29, 2004

WYPS India
Bangalore, India
December 7-9, 2003

Kyoto Planning Session
Kyoto, Japan
April 8-11, 2003

World Youth Quest for Peace
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Dr. B.K. Modi
Master Sheng Yen, of Dharma Drum Mountain


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The Founding Meeting of the World Council of Religious Leaders Buddhamonthon,
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand,
12 June 2002


Initiation of a process to form a World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders to work in an advisory capacity with the United Nations and other international organizations in peacemaking and peace-keeping efforts. It will bring a religious and spiritual presence into conflict transformation and will help address critical issues facing the world community. There is a general consensus among religious leaders concerning the need for such a Council. The details of its mission, structure, functions and sources of funding are being addressed by a gathering of religious leaders and scholars at the first meeting of a Steering Council in October, 2001, organized by The Millennium World Peace Summit.


The World Council of Religious Leaders is a unique collaboration of the world's most senior leaders of all the major Faith Traditions working to address critical social issues. The objective of the council is to serve as a resource to the United Nations and its agencies around the world, nation states and other international organizations, offering the collective wisdom and resources of the faith traditions towards the resolution of critical global problems.

The launching of the World Council of Religious Leaders took place in Bangkok from June 12th-14th, 2002, at Buddhamonthon and UNESCAP. Participants adopted a Charter that outlines key areas in which religious leaders can play an active role in reducing conflict and addressing the critical needs of mankind.


The World Council of Religious Leaders
aims to serve as a model and guide for the creation of a community of world religions. In the spirit of service and humility, it seeks to inspire women and men of all faiths in the pursuit of peace, justice and mutual understanding. It will undertake initiatives to provide the spiritual resources of the world's religious traditions to assist the United Nations and its agencies in the prevention, resolution and healing of conflicts and in the eradication of their causes.

The Council will also address social and environmental problems. By promoting the practice of the spiritual values shared by all religious traditions, and by uniting the human community for times of world prayer and meditation, the World Council of Religious Leaders
seeks to aid in developing the inner qualities and external conditions needed for the creation of a more peaceful, just and sustainable world society.


Millennium World Peace Summit
- Secretariat
350 5th Ave, 59th Floor, New York, NY 10118
Tel: (212) 967-2891
Fax: (212) 967-2898

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